[Leveraged/Inverse Product] Samsung Asset Management welcomes the Guideline for leveraged and inverse Products in Hong Kong

Samsung Asset Management welcomes the Guideline for leveraged and inverse Products in Hong Kong


On Friday 5 February the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) issued a guideline regarding the issuance of Leveraged and Inverse Products (L/I Products) in Hong Kong.  As pioneer of innovative ETF products and the first to introduce L/I ETFs in Asia, Samsung Asset Management (SAM), together with Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong Limited (SAMHK) (collectively “Samsung”) welcome last week’s announcement, which is expected to benefit Hong Kong’s asset management industry and the stock exchange.   


“Samsung has always supported the SFC and HKEx’s efforts to bring innovative products such as the L/I Products to Hong Kong and will continue to do so to make certain that Hong Kong remain the international financial hub as well as the region’s centre for Exchange TradedProducts,” said Mr. Jaekyu BAE, Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for Passive Investments at SAM. 


He continued, “Samsung believes the L/I Products will make available new investment and trading tools for the Hong Kong investors that were not readily available before and intends to continue its investor education efforts to ensure that the investors are well informed of these products.  As seen in Korea, we believe that L/I Products will garner new interest for ETFs as an asset class especially by retail investors, which will surely benefit the ETF industry as a whole.”


“Samsung fully supports the guidelines set forth by the SFC and HKEx and believes they will ensure these innovative products are well monitored to safeguard the investors as well as the integrity of the financial market, both which are necessary for a sustained growth for the products.  For this, we have plans to greatly improve our website so that investors can access relevant information on the products.”  Mr. Bae also added, “We are excited to bring more of our product ideas to Hong Kong and in doing so look forward to engaging both SFC and HKEX in active discussions.”


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About Samsung Asset Management Company Limited


Samsung Asset Management (“SAM” or the “Company”) is the leading asset management company in Korea with asset under management of over USD 160 billion.  As part of the Samsung Group, it offers a full range of financial advisory and management services.  The company was the first to bring ETFs to the Korean market and continues to hold a market leading position.  SAM has always been at the forefront of product innovation and was the first to introduce many innovative products into the market, including the KODEX Leverage ETF (122603KS) is the largest and most actively traded leveraged ETF in Korea.


Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“SAMHK”) is a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong on 1 November 2007. The company is principally engaged in asset management and securities investment advisory services in Hong Kong.  SAMHK obtained its licenses from the SFC on 23 April 2008 to conduct Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities with CE Number AQG442. Following in the innovative footsteps of SAM, SAMHK successfully launched Hong Kong’s first two futures-based ETFs, the KODEX HSI Futures ETF (3124HK) and KODEX HSI Futures RMB ETF (3134HK), in early 2015.




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